6 Unburned Pieces of The Mind
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"Good To See You."

During the early nineties I was employed as a Medicaid eligibility specialist with the state of Florida. With the increasing number of applications for nursing home placements and other SSI related programs, I found myself increasingly overwhelmed by the thought that I would never be caught up with my caseload. At times I seemed so far behind, and the demands and expectations put upon me seemed so unreasonable. A couple of times I felt as if I were actually going to lose it.

My saving grace, though, was going home at the end of the day and greeting my six-year-old son. “Good to see you,” I’d say.

“Good to see you, too,” he would reply.

I would then sit down with him and review how things went at school, and then helped him with his homework. After homework and eating dinner, we would go riding on one of our bicycle adventures. Living in Cocoa Beach on a barrier island afforded many different routes that we would take throughout the week. Sometimes we rode a couple of miles down A1A to the Mapco Convenience Store for a root beer and a couple of boxes of Good & Plenty. Sometimes we’d head over to the playground behind the former Freedom Seven Elementary School, and just have a good time swinging and talking. Other times we would work ourselves up an appetite by riding our bicycles down the beach, struggling with the friction from the sand and wind. A couple of miles of that and we were ready for a feast of hamburgers and french fries at Krystals.

Reflecting back on that time, I realize just how much I enjoyed the time I spent with my son. Even more amazing, now that my son has gone off to college, is just how fast that time of “growing up” really goes. As the years went by, I made time for my son no matter what my schedule may have been. And as always our familiar greeting with each other remained constant throughout the years. What I didn’t realize then was that my simple greeting was a wonderful way for me to validate his presence. It was my way of saying, “Hey, you really matter to me and I love you no matter what.” Now that he’s in Houston, we talk often on the phone and occasionally chat with each other on AIM. “Good to see you,” though, has changed to “Good talking with you,” or “Good chatting with you,” And so separated by hundreds of miles, we still remain close.